Getting Rid Of Acne Marks On Dark Skin

Those with dark skin have a double whammy when it comes to acne – not only is there a good chance that the acne will scar but there is also a good chance that the skin around the lesions will darken and stay dark for a long time after they have healed. These dark marks are just as noticeable as scars and just as damaging to the self-esteem.

Another problem is that there really is no way to minimise the chances of the skin becoming pigmented. With scars, you can take precautions to make sure that the cysts don’t rupture but the pigmentation is a different story altogether. It is not completely certain what causes this pigmentation but there is evidence to suggest that the hormonal changes concurrent with acne may influence this.

So, what do you do? Do you just sit back, shrug your shoulders and say that it that it is hopeless? Or do you go out and look for an alternative? Naturally, you will want to do whatever it takes to treat the problem.

Start off by getting professional advice from the outset. See a dermatologist – preventing the acne lesions from forming in the first place is the best chance you have of preventing hyper-pigmentation. The dermatologist is going to look at your skin and the extent of the acne and discuss treatment options as well as lifestyle changes that you can implement.

They will probably advise you to follow a healthy eating plan, set up a regular exercise schedule and look into managing your stress levels. Especially important in terms of diet is to give your skin the nutrients it needs – get the right amount of essential fatty acids in your diet to maintain optimal skin health. Keep a food diary to identify foods that may trigger your acne and then avoid those.

Speak to the dermatologist about any medication – prescribed and over the counter – that you are taking. There may be medication in that lot that is aggravating the problem. Aside from that, follow the doctor’s instructions about what cleansing and medicated products and you will have done all you could.

If, after all this, the marks do form, there is still hope – a glycolic skin peel can be very effective at bringing the mark to the top layer of skin making it go away more quickly. If that doesn’t appeal to you, try to natural lotions containing Licorice and/ or Soy – known for their skin lightening effect. If you persevere with this, the marks will fade more quickly. (At a slower rate than in the case of a Glycolic Peel.)

So keep your chin up, the hyper-pigmentation can be cleared up.